Reverb Bundle

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This reverb bundle includes two reverb units capturing the musical characteristics and tone of analogue equipment. The bundle includes MREV-SPRINGS (a springs reverb plugin) and MREV-PLATES (a plates reverb plugin).

Available as VST3/AU & AAX Plug-Ins (64-bit only) for Windows & macOS

Reverb Bundle Sound Examples

Please find an example using MREV-SPRINGS below. The first sample is a dry signal while the second is one with reverb applied.

Dry Lead Guitar
Lead Guitar with Spring Reverb

Please find an example using MREV-PLATES below. The first sample is a dry signal while the second is one with reverb applied.

Dry Guitar
Guitar with Plate Reverb


This reverb bundle includes two reverb units. Add these to your plugins collection to provide versatility when sweetening your mix.

MREV-PLATES: A plates reverb audio plugin that emulates four different units. This reverb captures the characteristics of a plate reverb, the main style of reverb from the golden age of analog recording. The MREV Plates plugin reproduces this very recognizable sound that blends well into a mix and doesn’t overpower the dry signal.

MREV-SPRINGS: A springs reverb audio plugin with four different characteristic options that have been closely modeled to match real springs. Add some springs to your guitar and other instruments to create that added depth to make them sit well in the mix.

Additional Features

  • Modify the intensity parameter to add emphasis to the reverb tail. Additionally, add pre-delay or modulation to the signal. Adjust the focus of the reverb by using the individual high pass and low pass filters on both the DRY and WET channels. Additionally, dial-in the amount of dry signal and adjust how much of the wet reverb signal is added.Push the signal to soft clip by increasing the input slider beyond zero dB. This ads a subtle arctan wave shape soft-clipping which increases as the slider goes above zero dB. This can be used to shape the output and introduce new sounds.
  • The EQ has built-in Mid-Side processing capabilities and output gain and phase controls. Use the mid/side processing to create your own reverb blend. Perhaps the side channel needs more reverb or requires different settings. For example, a drum bus may require more reverb on the hi-hat and less on the kick drum. Switching between mid and side enables a separate set of controls.
  • Use the A-B comparison to compare different settings. The keep button resets the A-B functionality and retains the current settings.
  • Save your presets using the inbuilt preset functionality. The plugin currently ships with one example preset – more to come!
  • All plugins come with free updates, so please remember to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of future updates.

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